English Language Programs

Communication with students

Orientation Meetings

Once students are enrolled to İstanbul BİLGİ University, orientation meetings are organized in order to inform the students and answer their possible questions. The first meeting takes place within the first week of the academic year and students are informed about the function and general structure of the English Preparatory Program. Orientation meetings are held in November when Late-Registered students arrive and at the beginning of Semester 2 or when required by the student representatives. The date, time and venue of the meetings are posted on the notice boards. It is important for a student to take part in these meetings to be well-informed and for the communication of student needs and requirements in a timely manner. 

Student Representatives and Student Representative Meetings

Every class elects a student representative and these representatives convey the requests, needs, and problems of all the students to the English Preparatory Program management during periodic meetings.  As a result, students are given the opportunity to directly voice their requests, needs, and problems in an open and democratic environment.

Feedback and Evaluation

At the end of every term, students have the online chance to evaluate and provide feedback on themselves, the English Preparatory Program, and their instructors.  The aim in doing so is to learn the expectations and ideas of the students and make necessary changes accordingly.  The identity of the students is strictly confidential.  Your feedback is very important for the development of the program and is carefully evaluated.  Your feedback is taken into consideration during curriculum development in the summer term and in teacher training activities.  

Freedom of Information Unit

The Freedom of Information Unit was created at İstanbul Bilgi University to review submissions made under the Freedom of Information Law, numbered 4982.  Submissions made in person or by mail should be done to the following address (Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2/13 34060 Eyüp İstanbul), those done by fax to 0212 216 24 14 and those made via email should be sent to this address bilgiedinme@bilgi.edu.tr after completely filling out the forms located at http://www.bilgi.edu.tr/tr/universite/bilgi-edinme/

Class Instructors

Among the instructors teaching your class each term, one instructor is appointed as a class instructor who is responsible for academic advising of the students in that class. They provide you with the necessary feedback and guidance on your progress regularly and have office hours to meet with you when needed.

Student Affairs Representative

There is a special Student Affairs Representative responsible for BEPP specific cases and is located on the BEPP campus 5th floor room 515. The Student Affairs Representative is also called the Prep Student Advisor and is there to inform students about the system, guide students, receive and inform about the results of all student petitions, and put student health reports approved by the campus doctor into operation.  


SIS (Student Information System) is an online system where students can access their grades, attendance report, and information about their classes.  Students can access their page by going to https://sis.bilgi.edu.tr/sisauth/Account/Login and logging on by using the username and password given to them.

Bilgi Online

Bilgi Online is a platform where students can interactively use blogs and forums and access weekend homework and classroom material.  Students can access Bilgi Online by going to https://online.bilgi.edu.tr  and logging on by using the username and password given to them.

If you have forgotten your password for Bilgi Online, SIS, or bilgiedu.net:

All services use the same password.  If you have forgotten your password, please text “bilgipass” to 3370 and get your temporary password.  You will have to change your password upon access.  You can create a new password by accessing https://sis.bilgi.edu.tr/sisauth/ResetPwd/RequestPwdResetEmail   

Announcement Boards

The latest university news, announcements of events and notifications can be found on the numerous announcement boards located all over the University.  Notifications about events within and outside of the University, information about clubs, and necessary and important information for the students can all be found on these announcement boards.  These boards are maintained by the Office of the Student Support Center.  There are department specific boards used to make departmental notifications.

Social Media and Special Notifications

Students can also receive notifications about the English Preparatory Program through the social media web sites given below:



Student notifications are made via texts, student pages, and emails.  Therefore it is very important the student provide all the correct contact information.  If a student cannot be contacted due to a mistake in the contact information provided by the student, the responsibility for this situation will lie with the student.