English Language Programs


Students are expected to attend lessons with original books. Pirated copies and/or photocopied versions of the books are illegal according to the copyright law and are not allowed in the classroom.

Students may purchase pre-packaged level specific book sets from the Homer Bookstore located on campus. Due to a special deal with Cambridge University Press, Homer bookstore offers the books at an incomparably special price.

Along with their set of books, each student is given a certain password which allows them to access their online studies. This password is required for doing in and out-of class online studies. Below is the book list for each level;

Level 1
Empower A1

Level 1R
Face2Face Starter

Level 2
Empower A2
Q: Skills for Success Reading & Writing 1

Level 2R
Face2Face Elementary
Unlock Reading & Writing 2

Level 3
Empower B1
Q: Skills for Success Reading & Writing 2

Level 3R
Face2Face Pre-Intermediate
Skillful Level 1

Level 4
Empower B1+
Academic Encounters (Life in Society)

Level 4R
Face2Face Intermediate
Skillful Level 2

Level 5
Empower B2
Academic Encounters (Human Behaviour)

Level 5R
Face2Face Upper-Intermediate
Skillful Level 3